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Use the tabs above to select the type of Canadian Club chart you are interested in. A panel will then appear on the left, allowing you to choose a chart on a particular date.

NCC/NDC is the National Canadian Club Chart (or Dance Music Chart as it was called once).

From December 2002 the National Urban Chart (NUC) began circulation. In an email sent out by Kevin Unger (dated 20th November 2002) he says: "By the way, Urban Label representatives and local Urban Pool Directors met a few days ago to discuss the final steps in creating a national URBAN chart for Canada. I'm pleased to report that Canada should see it's first National Urban chart by the end of the month." and now it's available for you!

The input for these is generated by many different Dance Music Pools across Canada, including Newfoundland's local one, Pool East.

Pool East produces 2 charts, the Club Chart every week and every two weeks (every week from December 2002) the Strictly Urban Beatz (S.U.B.) Chart for the area.

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